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But God…

Are there times during the night when you wake up wondering, worrying, trying to figure something out? This happens to me often, especially since last March during the time of this COVID pandemic. Solving problems, managing situations, anticipating planning – all of these things and more wake me up and start circling around in my head like the billboards in New Your City’s Times Square. Recently God came to my aide – not that I haven’t asked for some help before, but perhaps now I am finally open to listening, open to trusting, open to accepting?

As worries and planning circled around one night, these words came to me “But God.” But God? What in the world is that supposed to mean? – a long pause and then “Jesus was crucified But God raised him to eternal life.” “Hard things happen But God can make something good come from them.”

I took a longer pause and then I was flooded by a lot of But God’s. For example: I was stressed about being able to be in school, But God has helped us continue until December. I wondered how we would keep everyone safe, But God sent generous parents to purchase air purifiers for each classroom. I had high anxiety about providing a quality education for our students, But God has blessed us with amazing and dedicated teachers. I was worried that our students would not have any fun in school, But God has provided great Blue Ribbon festivities, Halloween fun, dress down days, Christmas decorations, and many other things to celebrate.

But then God said, I have always promised that I will give you what you need. He’s an ever present help in times of need … and He’s got it! But God.

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