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A Surprise Gift

For two days – this past Tuesday and Wednesday – I complained, whined, and moaned about the snow. I said, texted, and sent my Bitmoji at least 1000 times with this message –  “I am over this.”


I worried and stressed out about how to set up a new standardized testing schedule, how to reschedule meetings and due dates, and how to stay on top of the shoveling. I was on a roll of being negative and then God, as He often does to me, slapped me upside my head. He knows I am not good with subtle – I need a strong and forthright approach! His message to me: “stop complaining and being negative. You are missing the beauty and the gift that is around you – that I am giving to you!”


I was missing how pretty to snow looked on all the trees. I was missing how my 14.5 years old dog turns into a puppy in the snow despite her arthritic left knee and hip – how she loves to roll, push her nose into, and play in the snow.  I was missing the peace that falls upon the Earth after the snow is finished. I was missing looking for miles and miles and seeing white on trees and land. I was missing the strong little crocus popping up through the snow. I was missing a lot because I was complaining, whining, and being negative.

IMG-1187 (1)

This experience has caused me to examine and pray about how much more have I missed because I don’t stop to see the gift? Hopefully, little by little, I will continue to see the beauty, the positive, – and, the GIFT! Thank you, God, for slapping me upside my head!


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