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2018 Words




For the past couple of years, my friend Kay has encouraged me to pick 3 words to focus on instead of making New Year’s resolutions. I have been thinking about my new words for the past few weeks and thought I had them, but they just did not feel right and I kept coming back to just 2 different words.


“BELIEVE” is my personal motto that I keep with me all the time. BELIEVE in God, in family, and in relationships. Believe in the goodness of others, in beauty, and in love. Believe in loyalty, in forgiveness, and in compassion. Believe in a good hearty laugh, in a smile, and in the stories of a child. Believe in our flag, in hard work, and in the cathartic feeling of a good sweat. Believe in exercise, in routine, and in the wag of a dog’s tail. Believe in having fun, in taking a risk, in having a bucket list. Believe in a monarch butterfly being the presence of my dad. To believe in listening, in taking time to process, and in prayer. To BELIEVE!


My second word for 2018 is “WONDER.” This might have to do more with the professional side of my life. To wonder about how to improve as a teacher and principal. To wonder how to better support teachers. To wonder how to bring the message of Jesus Christ to our students and their families. To wonder how to deepen learning experiences for the students at St. Patrick School. To wonder how to keep pushing forward – to be creative – to think outside the box.


As I type this reflection, I realize that maybe “wonder” is not all on my professional side – to wonder how a small seed develops into a beautiful flower. To wonder how the sun rises and sets each and every day. To wonder why living includes dying. To wonder what my purpose is. To wonder if I am making a positive impact. To wonder how to become a better person. To wonder how to grow closer to God. To wonder what it will be like to see my father again… To WONDER.

What are your words? Happy 2018!

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