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A New Attitude

Ash Wednesday 038

As any of my friends can tell you, I have not been a lover of the Lenten Season – I kind of felt like the above picture of one of our students – …do I really have to do this?…is this really fun and good for me? I love Advent, I rejoice in Easter, and I relax in the rhythm of Ordinary Time, but Lent just never really did it for me. I did not like that I felt this way, but I did not put any effort into changing this attitude and I was very good at coming up with excuses about why I did not have to “do” Lent.

Ash Wednesday 035

In February I decided this was going to change – I felt this inner nudge that I needed Lent (maybe it was really me who decided?) Tired, weary, and feeling a little disconnected from my faith, I found myself craving this season that gently invites me to return in a very intentional way. However, I was feeling stress over what to “do” for fasting, almsgiving and prayer. I decided to tell God that if He wanted me to “do”something, he better give me some hints, direction, suggestions.

Ash Wednesday 036Ash Wednesday 033

Guess what? He responded¬†in a very clear message! His response: take a specific time each day for quiet, prayer, and reflection. To help me with this, I am listening to Matthew Kelly’s “The Best Lent Ever”and writing in my journal. Another part of the message was to fast from television and aimless scrolling through my devices – so I have decided to do that on Wednesday’s. Finally, and what I am most excited to do, is to walk around my neighborhood and pick up trash that is laying around from all the windy days we have had this winter. – ask and you shall receive!!

Ash Wednesday 032

This Lent I am trying to stand still and be astonished by the beauty of creation, the gifts I receive each day, and the blessings that are endless and make me smile. May we all learn to see and may we move towards that which brings us true life and happiness. Go Warriors!

Ash Wednesday 034

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