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The Junk Drawer

Although I consider myself to be pretty neat and organized and believe that everything has a place – some close to me would say crazy obsessed with neatness and organization – I do admit to having a drawer that I throw in all the stuff I am not sure how to organize or do not know where the correct place is for that “stuff”. Over time, this drawer can get full and packed with mementos, pictures, cards, opened packs of gum, chip clips,phone chargers, rubber bands – you get the idea.


When I can’t take it anymore – usually when I can’t open and close the drawer – I sift through the drawer and usually end up getting rid of most of the contents – only to begin a new cycle of filling it up. One recent drawer purge caused me to stop and reflect. As I was looking through all my drawer treasures, I found, from previous drawer purges, a few notes from a few very good friends – notes that I just can’t get rid of – notes that I don’t look at every day, but when I do, they make me smile, inspire me, and encourage me to be a better person.


What treasures are in your junk drawer/s? Do you have something in there that you just can’t get rid of – a family heirloom, an old key to your first car or house, something that inspires you, makes you know you are loved, helps you to grow, challenges you, lets you take a walk down memory lane? Give yourself some time to rummage through your drawer and see what you find! Happy hunting and remembering. Go Warriors!

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