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Simple Still Works

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As we celebrated Catholic Schools Week, I feel the need to write about something that really struck me while we were playing Bingo with the whole school. In an age and society where technology and over-indulgence rules and everyone “needs” to have the latest phone, tablet, device, or gaming system, it warmed my heart to see our students, grades PreK-8, having a blast playing bingo. And the prizes? A trip to the vending machine, an extra 10 minutes of recess, a tub of bubble gum, wearing a hat in school, or a bag of candy.

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The excitement and anticipation waiting for each number to be called was contagious. The smiles, cheers, claps, and chants lifted our cafeteria off its foundation!

Sadly, our self-absorbed society has told us that to help our children feel good about themselves, it is the adults’ duty to make our children happy. But underneath it all, kids do not need adults who make them happy. They need adults who will help them be creative, who will help them be capable, who will teach them to be responsible, who will help them be kind and caring, and who will provide them with safety.

We do not need to overindulge our children’s wants, but we could overindulge them with love. This love would mold and shape them into the young men and women they are meant to become – patiently helping them develop patience, patiently helping them deal with adversity and life’s bumps in the road, and with persistence give them age-appropriate jobs and tasks to complete within the family unit. As we do these things, we will be preparing their hearts and minds to accept the mission and path God has planned for them.

Simple still works – give it a try! Go Warriors!

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