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The Writing Process Works

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6th grade students have been working on writing pieces about their pets. As they finished their writing and presented their finished product to the class, they took time to reflect upon what they found most helpful during the writing process.

Riley said: “The step that helped me the most was the one where we went into groups and revised each others essays. It helped me because all the mistakes and errors I made I never realized on my own.” Stephen said: “The step tat really helped me the most is the pre-writing. It helps when I get ideas about my writing and then I was able to put those ideas onto my paper.” Shea added: “I think it really helped me when my peers gave me feedback because then I made so many changes. It made me think of adding some new ideas and improvements to my writing.” Finally, Darcy commented that bringing in a picture of her pet helped her compare the words she used to describe her pet to his actual picture. – “I needed to be clearer with my words.”

The writing process teaches students to internalize the steps for producing a finished piece of writing. The Writing Process steps are: Prewriting/Invention, Drafting, Revising, Editing, and Reflecting. Guiding students through each step of the writing process naturally incorporates successful learning strategies while providing a variety of feedback that builds confidence and increases accountability while developing writing and thinking skills – sounds like it builds resilience and grit also! Go Warriors!

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The Francis Effect


One week has passed since Pope Francis spent two days in Philadelphia – he brought excitement, pride, compassion, love, energy, – he brought God to our lives and hearts. How does he have so much power, so much influence? He prays 2-3 hours each day – he lets God work through him – he trusts – he is open to the Spirit – he has accepted the mission of being God’s messenger on Earth.

He is not the only one to whom God has given this mission Рeach one of us needs to be the presence on Jesus Christ on this Earth Рeach one of us needs to bring the message of Jesus Christ to all of our encounters and in all of our words and actions. Prayer will be essential to accepting this mission. Will you accept it? Will you be trusting, open, and accepting?

Go Warriors!
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