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How You See Changes What You See

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This past Saturday I went out for a morning run. I was really looking forward to it because I had not been able to get out much during the week because of the weather – snow – ice – sleet, etc.

At the very beginning of my run I saw the spectacular sunrise and was amazed by how beautiful it looked – the sun made me feel warm and I found myself smiling. As soon as I got onto the road my mood changed to crabbiness as I battled patches of snow and ice. The longer I went, the crabbier I became. Among the rhythm of my breathing, I heard a quiet voice say to me: “The longer you stay in this crabby mood, the longer you will miss my gift of the beauty that is around you.” Well, that was a pretty powerful moment and so I tried to heed the advice that had just been whispered to me.

As I continued on with my run, I began to notice the beautiful snow in the creeks and streams as I ran by. I also became aware of the peaceful quiet, the sound of chirping birds, and the gurgling of the water in the streams – what a blessing and gift that had been given to me!

This experience reminded me of the message of Lent – to change my lens, to appreciate the beauty around me, to spend intentional time listening, and to fully allow the Lord into my life and heart. Go Warriors! winter5winter4

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