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6th Grade Helps at The Timothy School

photo photo (1) photo (2)6th grade had a wonderful opportunity to go to The Timothy School for their Spring Show. This trip was part of their Operation Kids Care project. To help with the show, the 6th graders made flags from different countries that were used in the show because the theme  was the Olympics. After all the performances, the 6th graders presented the students with medals and placed them around their necks.

The Timothy School was established in 1966 as a non-profit school for children with autism. We are the oldest, non-profit school in Pennsylvania devoted exclusively to the educational needs of children with this disability. Each day, sixty-four children, ages five to twenty-one, come to The Timothy School.

Claire stated that it was fun to watch the students sing different songs and play different instruments. Quinn was surprised at how the students were so good at memorizing the words to all the songs. He also noted that the teachers showed a lot of patience and care for their students. Corrine was surprised how controlled and disciplined the students were since it was something that is hard for them to do.

This is the first time St. Pat’s has helped at The Timothy School and it seems like it is going to become a long-standing tradition! Go Warriors!  #spswarriors

A Sunrise Visit by SPS 2nd Grade

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2nd graders performed their Operation Kids Care project at Sunrise Assisted Living Center. They broke up into groups of egg dying, bowling with frisbees, and talking and dancing with some of the patients. The 2nd graders practiced their dance and songs for a week to be ready for the performance. Owen said that he really enjoyed singing to them and making the people happy. Layne liked seeing the people and talking to them. Owen and Layne said that the patients really liked having the 2nd graders there. Asked how they knew this, they said, “They were smiling and clapped for us!”


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