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 Pope Francis

 On March 12, 2013 Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio was elected Pope Francis. I have been paying close attention to him and how he deals with people and the many situations he encounters.

Did you know that as bishop in Buenos Aires, Cardinal Bergoglio washed the feet of AIDS victims and said that too often the world forgets about the afflicted and the poor. He shows us how to be compassionate, charitable, and how to foster human dignity.

Pope 3

Did you know that as a bishop in Buenos Aires he lived in a simple apartment, used public transportation and cooked his own meals.

I think his life shows us how to live in simplicity, autonomy and how to be approachable.

Pope 4

Did you know that  while he was talking with priests he said: ” Jesus teaches us another way: Go out. Go out and share your testimony. Go out and interact with people. Go out and share. Go out and ask. Become the Word in body as well as spirit.”

His way of living shows us how to be a self-starter and how to be proactive. I think his words show us how to evangelize with our lives.

Finally, did you know that on the day of his election he asked us to bless and pray for him! He chose to wear a simple cross he had for years rather than the gold cross usually worn by the pope. He also took the bus back to the Cardinal’s guesthouse rather than use the limousine and he cleared his room, carried his own bags and payed his own bill.

This way of living shows modesty, humility, gentleness and a great sense of humor!

Pope Francis 2

Maybe during this school year we can try to live and act more like Pope Francis??? Go Warriors!


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