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Advent Reconciliation Service

Confession 024  Confession 018 Confession 019 Confession 020 Confession 021 Confession 022This morning was one of those times when I feel so blessed to be at St. Patrick School and to be in Catholic education.

We took our 2nd – 8th graders to an Advent Reconciliation prayer service and then after they had the opportunity to receive the sacrament.

A few 8th grade boys enacted the Gospel story of the Prodigal Son while teachers took leading parts in the prayer service.

As these pictures depict, our students were reverent, contrite, and eager to receive God’s forgiveness and mercy.

It was a beautiful experience – the presence of the Holy Spirit was intense! And, it made me just love more and more ministering in a Catholic school!

May we continue through this Advent season focused on the Christ Child as we continue to work towards growing closer and closer to Him.

4th Grade Falls Into Service

4th grade Operation Kids Care 030The 4th graders went to Deacon Larry’s house yesterday to rake leaves and clean up his back yard. This act of service is part of their Operation Kids Care program.

Victoria explained that they made little piles of leaves and then merged them into bigger piles. Julia added that while some people were raking, others picked up sticks and put them into piles. When the 4th grade was ready to leave, the girls remarked that the yard looked much better than when they got there.4th grade Operation Kids Care 0384th grade Operation Kids Care 0404th grade Operation Kids Care 039

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