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8B Starts the Christmas Cheer

Annina helps with wrapping

Kieran and Chris help write a gift tag

Students in 8B spent the day at St. Katherine Day School yesterday to assist with their Secret Santa Workshop. Students who attend St. Katherine’s have special education needs. St. Pat 8th graders helped their St. Katherine friends do some Christmas shopping, write their gift tags, and wrap presents. All the 8th graders remarked that they received much more than they gave during this Operation Kids Care project. Great Job 8B! Go Warriors!

Pat and his new friend.

Riley helps with spelling on a gift tag.

Coat Drive is a Huge Success

6th Graders Organize the Donated Coats

St. Patrick School collected over 300 new and used coats that will be donated to St. John’s Hospice and My Brother’s House. What a great way to begin the holiday season – by giving to those in need! Awesome Job, St. Pat’s School Community! Go Warriors!

Warm coats are prepared to be delivered.


8th Grade Visits Their Retired Friends

Delivering their basket.

Our 8th graders are continuing to keep in touch with their retired friends in the parish. This program began last year when they were in 7th grade and many of the groups are still writing to the same person they connected with last year.

Our 8th graders donated different items like candies, crackers, cookies, small lap throws, etc. and some of the moms made them into beautiful baskets. The groups went to each of the parishioners homes, gave them the baskets, visited for a few minutes, told stories, and then returned back to school. They will continue to write throughout the year and have two more visits planned – at Christmas and Easter. Great Job, 8th grade! Go Warriors

Another group heads out for their visit.

Smiles added to the baskets’ appeal!


So Many Reasons to Give Thanks

Presentation of the Gifts

St. Patrick faculty and students have been talking for the past two weeks about all the reasons we have to be thankful. Most people mentioned their faith as the most important part of their life. I had one student tell me that because she knew her grandfather was in heaven, it helped her deal with his death.  Next on the list is family and friends, health, and employment. Many of the students have also mentioned their pets – funny how quickly they become an important member of the family!

We wish everyone a blessed and happy Thanksgiving!

Third Grade Feast!

Kindergarten Feast Celebration

Never Too Old To Learn

Participating in a webinar

This year the teachers at St. Pat’s are participating in an on-line professional development program. Once a month we log into a webinar and are connecting with educators around the country. Some of the topics we are discussing and learning about are: how to be connected learners, building a personal network, the flipped classroom, extending learning beyond the classroom, and integrating Web 2.0 tools into the classroom. We have had some great discussions in our groups and look forward to more learning throughout this year!

St. Pat’s men lead the way!

Ms. Biondi can really multi-task!

After school learning

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