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Kindergarteners Move Up to First Grade


It is amazing how much a 5 year old can learn in one year! During the Kindergarten end-of-the -year program, our new 1st graders, led the prayer, sang songs (with actions) and, recited poetry. They were not shy in showing off their stuff! Congratulations, Kindergarteners!



6th Graders Bring Smiles to St. Edmond’s

St. Edmond’s Home for Children provides  care for 40 boys and girls with mental retardation, cerebral palsy and other genetic disorders. Our 6th graders went for a visit at the end of the school year and met many of the residences during their trip. This visit was part of the 6th grade Operation Kids Care program. Our 6th graders came away making comments like: “I was so happy to be able to talk to some of the kids – they made me smile and I am happy I met them.” “I never knew about St. Edmond’s. I am going to ask my mom if she can come with me so I can come back again.”

Thank you, to our 6th graders, and also to the staff and students of St. Edmond’s, for their warm welcome and for helping us see that God is present in everyone.

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