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Memorial Day Essay Winners

Our 7th and 8th grade students had a wonderful opportunity to participate in the Malvern Memorial Day celebration by writing essays entitled: “The History of America and What it Means to Me.”  I would like to share some excerpts from a few of the winners.

  • Lexi said: “What does it mean to be an American? Well, what does it mean to have rights? What does it mean to have your voice heard? What does it mean to have pride, and patriotism for your country? What does it mean to have men and women risking their lives to their country safe? What does it mean to have safety? That is what it means to be an American…”
  • Brianna wrote: “When you hear the word “Freedom” what is your image? It might be a bald eagle soaring peacefully through the sky, or maybe an American flag waving proudly in the air. But for me, it is home. It is the people around me. It’s being able to sleep at night without worrying about being safe…”
  • Stephen shared: “The word ‘American’ passes from our lips constantly, but rarely do we take the time to think about what it means and the power it holds. The word American expresses the pride and wonder of a country that has proved itself in this world. Though young, America has brought so much to the world already…things began to have the trademark America. Ideas, products, dreams, were called American. ..”

As you can see, our students have a good idea of what it means to be an American. Patriotism is something we stress every day. Our back hallway is adorned with pictures of U.S. Marines folding the flag at our 9/11 prayer service, pictures of blessing our new flag pole, pictures of our students pledging the flag each and every morning. Each day during morning prayers we pray for all of our military men and women serving our country.

We hope that here at St. Pat’s, we help to instill a love for our great country, the United States of America!


2nd Graders Show Their Stuff!








Our 2nd graders were strutting their best stuff today! Students in 2A presented the books that they wrote and published while students in 2B showed off their Glogsters and shadow boxes on endangered animals! Way to go 2nd Grade!

Go Warriors!


St. Pat’s Celebrity Scoopers!

Scooping water ice at Rita’s can be a pressure-filled job! It takes real talent to swirl the twist cone or make the perfect Oreo, chocolate, Reeses Pieces  Blendini! Thank goodness our faculty was up to the task! We had a great time scooping – but mostly, we had a great time seeing all of our St. Pat students’ smiling faces! Enjoy the pictures – Go Warriors!

Spring Sports Are in Full Swing!

Awesome Pitching









Baseball, Track and Field and Girls’ Lacrosse are having wonderful seasons! The teams are practicing hard and playing even harder. They all show wonderful sportsmanship and are having a great time playing their sport. Thank you for representing St. Pat’s so well!  Go Warriors!


4th Grade Keeps On Giving








The 4th grade Operation Kids Care service project was to help out Deacon Larry with some gardening and sprucing up around his house. Manned with gloves, rakes, shovels, and lots of energy and smiles, the 4th grade tackled the job and the gardens looked great in no time! We all love Deacon Larry to death and are so happy the 4th grade could help him out with some spring yard work! Great Job, 4th grade! Go Warriors!


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